Macky2 Announces The “Kopala Swag 10th Annivesary” And Fans Flies Into A Disappointed Fury

In the early hours of the 19th Feb. (Tuesday), the Kopala Swag C.E.O – Macky 2 took it to social media and announced the prestigious forthcoming “Kopala Swag 10th Annivesary” with the following big acts; Macky 2Chef 187AfunikaDrifta TrekDandy Krazy and Tiye – P at the Lusaka based venue.

Unfortunately, That did not sit well with the Kopala Swag die-hard fans  who happens to take a huge number of the Copper belt population.

Concerns were raised with a sound and feel of betrayal for they (fans) believed since they were the first to believe, embrace, respect, understand and appreciate the Kopala sound before all these other parts of Zambia. Suggestions and questions kept flowing; Why not celebrating it in Ndola stadium, inviting also the fellow copper-belt musicians e.t.c“.

Of recent it has been proven beyond measurable doubt that most of the hit songs  originates from the copper-belt so it would have been better if all these acts were incorporated as suggested by a few number of fans.

As this news seemed to have broken the internet, the Kopala Swag Front-liner – Macky 2 made another statement just clear the bad air saying “10 Years Of Kopala Swag Music.. And Somehow Some People Still Want Us To Be Stuck On The Copperbelt. I Have Always Carried The Kopala Flag High And Me And My Boys Have Continued To Represent Where We Come From..

It Doesn’t Really Matter Where We Start The Tour From.. What Matters Is We Have Always Stayed True To Who We Are, If You Hear Any Of Our Songs You Hear KOPALA. It’s In The Lyrics, In The Style, In The Vocabulary, In The Melodies And It’s Just Different.

Ama Dance Atishani?

You Dont Even Have To Be From The CB To Relate.

So Yeah.. We Are Starting In Lusaka
Pa 1. 
Kopala Swag 10th Anniversary 

Chipata, Mongu, Kasama, Livingston, Solwezi Na Ku Kopala Kwine… We Are Coming.”.

Finally the fans and the Kopala Swag saw eye-to-eye and hoped for dates of the tour to be announced soon so that they prepare to experience the best of the Kopala Swag performances.

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