J.O.B – The Moment (Prod. By J.O.B)

HipHop artiste J.O.B shares the second offer this weeek for the song tagged “The Moment“. 

J.O.B sends you a message “Looking back at the past years I realise more and more the gratitude that I owe your ceaseless support, even when I was at the verge of letting it all go you took the time to share your strength with me, to be kind and encouraging even when I was undeserving of your kindness and for that I’m deeply grateful. May the lord bless you.

I want to share a song with you that I’ve had for sometime but lacking the courage to release it and fearing judgement and and the sting of crytiscm I’ve kept it locked away for what seems like eons, I present to you a side of me only a few people know.

Please accept my humble song I hope you find it to your taste..”



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